Monday, May 09, 2016

Saved by the Bell drama...

I'm not sure I even remember this show as I really didn't like it. The only time I watched it was when my younger sister just "had" to watch it. This show was to her like a soap opera is to my mum. She has to watch it daily or she'll miss something important.
Apparently there is a behind the scenes movie coming out that shows how none of the actors in the movie liked each other. I believe all of this came about from Dustin Diamond's book. This book "Behind the Bell" is fill with a lot of negative trash from behind the scenes of the show. Mark-Paul Gosselaar who portrayed Zack said that the things that happened in his book never happened. Like the sex and drug parties.
Lark Voorhies married a man she met online. They live with her mum as her mum is her guardian due to Larks mental issues. She is rumoured to be Bi Polar. Her mother doesn't like the new husband and has a restraining order on him. He belongs to a gang and she feels he is using her daughter.
Check out this page for more on Lark along with pics of her and a video.

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