Sunday, May 01, 2016

Childhood memories

I'm watching The Avengers on Netflix. Not the movies but the cartoons. Next on the watch list will be The Justice League. I used to watch these shows when I was little. Ahh the memories these shows bring.
See when I was little I wanted to be The Phoenix from X-Men. Only I wanted Wonder Woman's invisible jet as well because flying could get boring and it would be awfully cold flying during a snow storm.

My best friend lived next door to me so we would get up and head right outside. Rarely did we ever spend the day in the house, unless we were sick or grounded.
We climbed trees and rode our bikes and even turned the wrap around front porch on my house into a skating rink with one of my bedroom windows as the pay window. Even at the "skating rink" we had super powers. I was The Phoenix and my friend was Wonder Woman.

Did you pretend to be someone else as a child?

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