Thursday, April 21, 2016

Transgendered bathrooms?

I sincerely hope that no one takes this wrong, but I believe that the whole bathroom issue is stupid. Should the transgender have their own bathrooms? In a way I say yes, but then I also say no.

Bathrooms should be men and women, keep those separate. I also think that all children should be taken to the bathroom and not allowed to go off on their own. I see that a lot at my work in retail and it's kind of scary. Children should be escorted to the bathroom all the time. No amount of shopping is worth risking their safety.
A man was caught taking photos of young girls as they were going to the bathroom. He snuck into the ladies room and sat in a stall and took photos from over the walls on his cell phone. He was hiding in the ladies bathroom. Another man in California was dressed as a woman and was caught taking videos of women in a Macy’s store women’s restroom.
I know it's not fair to do that to them, they should be treated equally, but in this day and age not everyone believes that and there are some assholes out there who will cause problems just because they have nothing better to do. At least if they have their own bathroom they will have a safe haven of sorts they won't have to worry about that negative backlash.
Not all transgendered folks are adults. What about those teens who are discovering who they really are, the ones who don't get the kind of support that they need at home or school, would you really want to put them in a position to where they could possibly get hurt?

You could find that the transgender teen who is nervous enough in his or her own skin as it is, throwing them into a bathroom with racist idiots could be traumatising for them. Not all transgender teens are strong enough to stand up for themselves against those angry, judgemental idiots.
There are many sides to take into consideration, but my main concern is the transgendered youth and their safety as well as the safety of all children going into bathrooms alone.

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