Sunday, April 10, 2016

Purse and purse accessories

 I bought everything shown here. These are all 5 star items in my personal opinion!!
  This little wallet is great. There are three sections to it. The front has a section for cards and cash, the middle is for coins and the back is also for cards. I normally don't carry a lot of cards around with me so it's a good fit, but for those who have a lot of cards in their wallets it might not work very well for you.
The sunglass case is nice and roomy. I have a pair of fairly large rimmed sunglasses in there as well as the fabric to clean them and eye glass cleaner wipe packets in there. If you have smaller rimmed sunglasses you can fit at least two in it. When you look at it on the Amazon website the red in the design isn't noticeable, but once you get it you can see the colour, especially in the light. The colour on mine is a dark red while the print is black and silver.


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