Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nail Polish makeovers

Even though I have really short nails, I try to keep them polished at all times. My mind set behind that is that if I have my nails polished then I won't want to chew on them and ruin the polish. 
I took a polish by Sinful Colours called "Tokyo Pearl" and combined a nice blue gloss polish to it. I used a Petites in ocean breeze, but wasn't able to find it on Amazon, so I grabbed the closest polish colour to the one I used.  I combined some of the blue polish into the pearl and shook it up. The bottle to the left is the end result.
What I really like about this pearl blue colour is that it's a soft pearl with a touch of blue in it. I have had numerous compliments on it while at work.  

This next one was a bit fun. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead and found out that this is part of a China Glaze nail polish set called "Apocalypse". This colour is "I love your guts!" It's a red with black glitter in it.
When I first put it on it was more of a apple red colour and not as dark as I thought it was when I first bought it. I think that polish always looks a bit different when it's in the bottle.
I found some crimson polish and added some of that polish to this one. In my opinion it looks so much better. The bottle to the right is the end result.
Even though I added some crimson, I can still see the black flecks in the polish. I thought about adding more black, but the more I think about it, a little guts goes along way. lol
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