Saturday, March 05, 2016

Without customers, we folks in retail have no job.. be thankful for the customers!

While on break a few folks were complaining about having to do the same things over and over again. Customers are annoying and they can't get anything done. Before I left I made the statement "Without the customers we have no job, so be thankful that they are here.."
I've looked in the job market and there's not much out there unless it's fast food and I won't work in fast food. I'm trying to loose weight, not gain more!
There are time's where I will get a bit annoyed at a customer who will ask me a question when they would know the answer if they looked around. We have street signs through the store that tell you what each section is and signs hanging from the ceiling as well with arrows to point out directions. They are very hard to missed, lol.
My top two annoying questions are..
1.) Where is the fitting room? There's a huge fitting room in the middle of the ladies department with the words Women's Fitting room on a sign on all 4 sides of said fitting room.
2.) Where is the bathroom? There is big sign hanging from the ceiling that says restrooms.. people always go to the staff break room and get angry when they find no bathroom in there.

Without customers we have no jobs.. granted yes it's a pain to answer the same question over and over, but that's my job to do so. Yep it's discouraging to have say Hello to people when they are near by only to have them give you dirty looks or accuse you of watching them, but that's my job.
We have some wonderful regular customers who come in a lot...

Here's 3 of them..
~ One woman used to bring cookies and snack rolls to us every Sunday morning. She had some health problems and unfortunately we lost track of her. She was a regular, but stopped coming a few years ago. She is at the top of this list because she didn't have to do that. She did it because she made friends with a lot of us and always had someone to help her when needed.
~ Another is an oriental woman who comes in almost every morning because she's lonely and does a bit of shopping as she socializes. She is really just walking around and talking to us checking to see how we're doing, stuff like that. She is a cancer survivor and shares tales of inspiration with those employees who need it.
~ We had an employee who passed away just before Christmas two years ago. Her son Jimmy is on this list. He comes in to see us about once a month. I'm sure it's hard for him to come in because the area that his mom worked in is right by the registers and that's the first place Jimmy goes to is to the registers, he always stops by her old department as well.
With the "annoying" you have the good and then you have the good with the bad. With some employees the bad outweigh the good. I try to look at it like this...
If someone is asking me where something is then they don't know the answer, otherwise they wouldn't be asking. I am also just thankful to have a job.. period!

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