Saturday, March 19, 2016

Monsters in America : Illinois & the Big Muddy Monster

In 1973 in the small town of Murphysboro, Illinois there was a series of monster sightings.
This monsters has been given the name of the "Murphysboro Mud Monster" and the reason for this name is that he seems to be covered in mud from the river. This figure is said to be about 7 feet tall and covered with muddy white matted hair.
The Mud Monster was first seen by a young couple who were parked near the river. They were doing what most young couples do when parked when they heard a loud roar from the woods near by where they were parked. As they watched a large figure moved toward them, frightened they took off and went to the police.
Later that night two police officers went to the site and found some very large footprints.
They returned again that night and found more footprints, a few of the officers followed the prints to the river. They were met with the creatures loud roar coming from the trees and they took off to their police car. None of them were interested in meeting the creature face to face.
The Mud Monster was seen a few more times in the yards of a few of the residents, one even mentioned that he had pink eyes that glowed. Exactly what this creature is, seems to be leaving the resident and law enforcement baffled.
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