Tuesday, March 01, 2016

$1,000 fine for stealing pets in NY

Looking for a new pet? Try the shelters or local rescues your bound to find a furbaby who needs a good home and will love you for giving them one.
The powers that be here in NY have raised the fine for those idiots who steal pets from other's to $1,000 dollars, whereas it was $200 at one time. I think this fine is a great idea and jail time should be given right along with it.
Governor Andrew Cuomo signed, sealed and made that fine a permanent one. In NY it's a crime to remove a pets collar with the id tags on it unless the owner gives that person permission to do so.
It's also illegal to take an animal that is with it's owner out in public, for example to steal the pet out of the car, and to move it from one place to another in order to sell it or to kill it.
The FBI are also getting involved with going after those who are abusing animals as well. I'm beginning to love them more and more every day!
Anyone who steals another's pet is a heartless person and deserves to be punished. Murder is murder no matter how many legs it has.

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