Saturday, February 06, 2016


Toxic people have absolutely no place in my world. I was friended with someone who forces her beliefs on others. If your belief is different than her's she will tell you how wrong you are for believing in those beliefs!

What's great about the world is that we are allowed to have our own beliefs and opinions on things that are taking place in the world. Your opinion may be different from mine and that's OK, but it's not ok when you atte...mpt to force me to believe in your views. I like mine, thank you very much!

It is never a good idea to force your beliefs or "truths" as you see them on others. What you may feel to be the truth may not be the same truth for others. You can't believe everything you read on the bloody internet, I dont care how much "research" was done... your not a professional when it comes to what you may think you know everything about.

BTW: If your going to go into a PAGAN group and spout the christian bible then you get the treatment your given. Then you have the nerve to say that Pagans are worse than christians. You need to do some history of the behavior that the christians gave to the witches in the past. Do the Witch Trials ring a bell?

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