Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Paranormal Lounge​ : "How should a woman in the paranormal world dress."

I was in a chat last night listening to The Paranormal Lounge​. The topic as a great one.  "How should a woman in the paranormal world dress." In essence.. what a woman wears should NOT determine if she is a good paranormal investigator.

See Rachel Hoffman has 2 Facebook accounts. 1 is for her  personal account Rachel Hoffman , her human life and another is for her Paranormal life Paranormal Xpeditions. One would think that folks would know the difference between the two. As she has stated on her personal Facebook... she is a part time investigator of the Paranormal and a full time human. She is also  a woman who gets bullied daily because she is a paranormal investigator who dresses how she wants to. Oh what's it called.. Oh yeah she's a human being!
In this day and age everyone gets offended about every stupid thing... People are so busy judging others based on how they look from the outside, from their appearance. Instead you should be judging them based on how they treat other people or animals. Think about it, if a person is mean to animals then they are most likely mean to people as well. The chat literally exploded last night with people tossing horrible things out about her.
~ She can't be a good investigator because she dresses like a slut... How can she be expected to be taken seriously if she dresses like that? ~

 This is like saying that half of the actors in Hollywood aren't serious actors because they're ugly... C'mon now you know there are some actors and actresses in Hollywood who are not pretty/handsome at all...  Or sorry you can't work in the corporate world because of your tattoo's and piercings.

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