Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Respecting another's religion.

Contrary to what others believe, witches don't believe in forcing their religion on anyone. On a writing site I dabble on, the topic came up and someone mentioned that We do. She failed to mention as to how we do this, but stated that we do.
Personally, I dislike talking about my religion to people unless they start the conversation first. Usually when someone starts it I will tell them that I will answer their questions if they have any. I won't talk about it unless they ask the questions for me to answer. Less headaches this way and they are able to find out exactly what they want to know.
I refuse to babble on and on about my beliefs because I feel that in a way I'm forcing my religion on them by telling them something they may not be interested in. The first time I just babbled I was accused of trying to convert someone when all I was doing was telling them about my religion as they had asked me to.
I had a wonderful talk with a sweet Christian lady who used to work with me. She is the only Christian who has ever sat and had a polite conversation with me about religion. She was far from being judgemental and was curious to know about what makes me... well... Me! She asked questions and I answered them honestly. She also answered questions that I had. She accepted my beliefs and has respect for me and I, in turn have respect for her and her beliefs.

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