Saturday, January 23, 2016


I absolutely love this movie and will be buying it in the near future.. I was in tears during a few parts of the movie, but all in all it was wonderful.
Elsa has the magick powers of ice and snow, her sister, Anna, has no powers and is, well, normal I guess. Growing up Elsa had accidently hurt Anna and she was kept in her room for the protection of other by her loving parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle. As she gets older, Elsa's power grow stronger and she can't control them and has to wear gloves all the time and never leaves her room.
The King and Queen demand that the gates to the castle are closed and ket closed, the castle was closed up and some of the staff were let go to ensure that the family secret was kept within the family. As parent's, the King and Queen are killed during a storm and Elsa soon is made the Queen of Arendelle. During a fight with Anna, Elsa accidently display's some of her powers and soon has to take refuge in the mountains where she made a beautiful ice palace.
Anna goes looking for her, with the help of Olaf the snowman and an acquaintance Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. The sisters reunite and Anna is accidently struck in the heart by Elsa's magick. The Trolls tell Kristoff that only an act of true love and save her. Well Anna falls for a man named Hans who was actually out to take over the kingdom, he tried to kill Elsa and was allowing Anna to die.
In the end Anna and Kristoff are together and Elsa discovers that love is the key to controlling the powers she lived with for her whole life. With her new found control of her powers, Elsa becomes Queen and she and her sister are reunited. Elsa makes a promise and that is to never close the castle gates again.
Rated: *****

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