Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Advice to all future lottery winners

I highly intend to win the lottery in the future. Maybe not now, but when I am destined to do so. I think my chances would seriously be better if I bought more lotto tickets, instead of just talking about it. I mean I can't win if I don't have the tickets in my possession, can I?
I read online that there are a few things all lottery winners should do before claiming their money and they suggest that you don't claim your money right away. SIGN THE BACK OF YOUR TICKET IMMEDIATELY!!! I sign the backs of my tickets upon purchase in front of the cashier.
1.) Talk to a financial advisor before claiming the money. Have a game plan set in stone before you even claim it. Personally I have a notebook filed with info. Financial advisors, places to do stock investments and the type of stock I'm interested in investing in.
2.) I know winning the lottery is exciting and you want to tell everyone that your a millionaire, but refrain from doing that. Only tell your mate or someone you trust with the information. If you tell everyone you'll have so many people hitting you up for money at once. 
3.) Go away for a month to figure out what you want to do with the money. Are you interested in opening a business or a charity? Figure everything out and then when you go home you'll have that game plan to work from.
4.) Charities are wonderful. On top of that you are able to put them as tax writers on your taxes. Plus it will make you feel good to donate. 
5.) The article mentioned that you should hire a therapist to help you deal with the emotions from winning the lottery. Also when you have everyone coming at you for money they can help you deal with those emotions as well. 
You won't be able to help everyone, but you can help some. Turning folks away will be hard, but if you want to hold onto your money then you need to say that word no a few times.

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