Friday, December 04, 2015

Raising kids to be grateful

I think it's a great idea to raise your children to be grateful for what they already have. There are many ways to encourage your children to be grateful.
~ Be a good role model for them. Children are always watching their parent's when they least expect it, they are there watching. If they see you doing something then they will follow your leads. You can't use the ole phrase "Do as I say and not as I do." That will teach them that if Mommy and Daddy don't do it then why should I?
~ Encourage them to be giving Encourage them to give toys and clothing to folks who are in need. Get them involved with some sort of charity work and teach them about helping others. When they grow out of their old clothes, have them go with you to a local Salvation Army or Goodwill and drop them off. Explain to them that the clothes she is donating will be used by another child who may not have much to wear.
~ Expect Manners at all times Make sure they are using their manners, expect them to say please and thank you. One big thing is to encourage them to respect their elders. Yes this is common sense and your probably thinking.. wth kind of parent does she think we are? There are alot of children who show very little to NO respect for their elders. I have personally witnessed it alot at my work in retail.

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