Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Killing characters off in your novel

I was asked that a while back and had to seriously think about how I was going to word it for fear of it being taken the wrong way.
Then I gave up and said yes, 5 or 6 times actually, all with his permission and at his daring me to do so.. he obviously didn't understand how many times I have enjoyed plotting his characters death and thus writing them.
My currently ex brother in law decided that he wanted to be in one of my sci fi novels, this was back when we got along, mind you. Back then he wasn't the donkey that he is now that my sister and he are divorced. He told me to write a novel and he didn't care if he died in it at all.
I could do what I wanted. In the end he died a most painful death and he thought it was funny while saying that that wasn't a traumatic death. So I whipped up another scenario for him and allowed him to read it.
This novel took place in a world where machines had taken over. In the novel he was a chef, but in real life he couldn't cook that well. This chef had an electric meat grinder that he always kept on a table... the restaurant he owned and ran was for nudists in a nudist colony. The cook even cooked in the nude...
Let's just say that by the time I was done with this novel he didn't eat meat for a week...

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