Friday, December 11, 2015

Favouritism in the workplace

While things at work have changed drastically since my last boss left due to health issues, I have tried not to let these changes get to me, but a few of them have gotten to my last nerve.
There is absolutely no replacement for Patrick, my former boss. He was an amazing guy who busted his butt ensuring that the store was properly staffed and he worked with people and their hours.
 Especially for the bus riders during the winter seasons. He valued their safety!
The manager we have now shows very little flexibility with the schedule during the winter time. There was a few bus riders who had asked to be scheduled a half hour later during the winter due to the bus schedules and he said a huge No. He came from another store and was the shoes associate.
This is his first managers position ever. Don't get me wrong, he's nice and everything at times, but when your showing favouritism to staff who worked with you at the other store over staff who have been there at this store for years, I have a wee bit of an issue.
One gal is late a lot, were supposed to get points if we're late, but for some reason her late points are removed. She gets more hours than those who are on the team with her, while everyone else has 3 day weeks, she tends to have 4.
I understand that they were friends from the other store, but he's a manager now and that friendship should be kept out of the work place. If you going to be flexible with one person then you should treat everyone else the same.
What's very sad is that I'm not the only one who's noticed this. 

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