Thursday, November 12, 2015

Watermelondrea your hired!

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My personal motto's are...
"Treat other's the way you want to be treated."
as well as
"How you treat other's is your Karma. How we react to the treatment is ours."
I have been reading a few webpages about Raven Symone and her remark about not hiring someone with a ghetto name like "Watermelondrea". I then moved down to the comments on this web page Watermelondrea responds to Raven Symone and was floored by some of the comments posted after the article. 
One commenter went so far as to say that when employers are hiring, if they see a black sounding name, they immediately pass it by. I would love to say that that is totally wrong, but unfortunately I can't because I'm sure it does happen.
I work at a great company. Burlington! I'm very proud to work there as well, they treat their employees with respect and care about what we have to say and think. When I first started working there 7 years ago the store's employees were mixed with black, white, Hispanic and there were a few disabled employees as well.
I also think that the hiring also depends on the manager or the person who is doing the hiring. We have always had an equal mix of "colours" both black and white working in the store. At the moment we have a majority of employees who are black. Am I offended? NO they are good employees who pull their weight and have good work ethics.
The colour of a person's skin should NEVER matter when it comes to being employed. What matters is their work ethic. Their name shouldn't matter either. I mean c'mon now.. a child can't choose their name, their parents do that for them. I used to work with someone at another store by the name of Mimi and that is her birth name.
Personally I can deal with folks named Watermelondrea, or Sharkeisha {my young niece named her goldfish this btw}. Working with folks who are ignorant and closed minded is where I have issues.
Just remember, when you sit and judge a person based on their colour, race and name, your showing your ignorance. As my elders used to say "If you can't say anything nice then say nothing at all."

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