Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tips on saving money

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According to the researchers at the University Of Virginia, If you want to save  money for a goal then grab a pen and draw a  graph or  pie chart . 
Every time you save money colour in a little more of the chart.
By looking at this chart it will help you save up more money more so than looking at the amount on a piece of paper.
Seeing a visual image of your goal  savings will make you feel as if you're closer to reaching that goal and is motivating you to try harder.
Now the folks at the  University Of Toronto say that it's best to have one savings goal and not more that one.
By having more than one it can be confusing and stressful. Not only that but it will take you longer to save money if they are more than one savings goals in place.
I have an old wallet that I have hidden in the back of one of my drawers.
Whenever I get a little extra cash I put some of it in the wallet along with all of the silver coins that I have.
I have done this numerous times and come  summer I pull it out and have some extra summer spending money.
This wallet is my at home  savings account so to speak.
When I reach a certain amount I plan to take it and put it into an actual savings account. 

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