Thursday, November 12, 2015

Honey Water

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I’m feeling the beginnings of a cold coming on so I went out and bought some cold medicine as well as honey to help get rid of it before it even starts.
First it’s warm here and then we’ll get hit with a few cold days and the cold rain that sinks through to your bones and takes forever to get the chill out of your system.
At the moment I’m drinking a mug of honey water. Pretty much my bottle of honey is half empty and what’s left in the bottle started to harden at the bottom. I filled the bear shaped bottle with hot water and shook it a few times.

I have used some of the water in orange tea which tasted good and now that my tea is gone I’m drinking it straight up. I have some Theraflu medication that has Lipton tea and honey in it to be used during the day. It’s fantastic and works wonders!
There are many benefits to drinking honey water. Honey is great at killing bacteria and the amount of bacteria is doubled when the syrup is diluted with water. This combination of honey and water causes this chain reaction of creating a natural form of hydrogen peroxide.
This form is a very powerful antibiotic. The honey and water takes around 7 min to go into your bloodstream and begins to fight off the bad junk in your system.

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