Saturday, November 07, 2015

Ghosts around us...

Some people have the ability to see and to hear the ghosts and spirits around us. Everyone can talk to then, but not everyone can communicate back and forth with them like others can.
I have met quite a few people, both online and offline who have this ability and yep I'm a wee bit envious because that is something I have always dreamed of being able to do.
 Personally I can feel them around me and at times I will hear a random voice when it's just me alone in the room and or house. I have also seen shadow people wandering about at my work.
Yep lots of shadow people. They don't give of a scary feeling out anything they are usually just passing by me on their way to somewhere else.
I do speak to them and thank them for coming to visit with me and for allowing me to see them. That is a gift I cherish everyone I see a spirit even if it is out the corner of my eye.
So if you were being offered the gift of seeing and hearing spirits.. Would you accept it?

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