Friday, November 20, 2015

Dryad Dreams

"Lee, come here!" yelled a voice from inside the kitchen. I walked into the crowded small kitchen to find my 3 roommates crowded around a glowing hovering object just inside the kitchen door.
My two girl friends Sadie and Chloe were standing in front of Erik, the only man in the house. "What's going on.. what's that?" I inched forward and looked at the glowing figure. It was a few inches tall and glowing in a luminescent green. I could make out a face and that's about it, the body was but a blur.
I reached out and touched it and immediately heard a voice floating around in my thoughts. "I'll go help you.. Erik will come too.." The glowing figure vanished, I turned to everyone and mentioned the message told to me by the figure.
Erik, whom I had had a huge crush on for years, grew upset when I mentioned that he was needed as well as myself. He shook his head and said immediately, "I'm not going."

I was upset and walked out the front door, I was going on my own.. with or without him. I stormed outside and passed by the large living room bay window. Erik had come out of his room and was looking around.
I ran up the hill in front of the house toward the housing addition in the other side of the hill. I could vaguely heard him calling for me. I didn't care and kept moving. I stopped at the edge of a cliff and looked down at the scene below me. It looked as if there was a city in the center of the world. I stood there observing when I felt him standing next to me.
 "Wait up, I'm coming.." Yelled Erik as he tried to catch up with me. I sped up in hopes of loosing him among the houses. Much to my dismay it didn’t work. He caught up with me.
 "Don't bother I'll figure this out on my own.. ” I jumped off the cliff and floated down.
 Before I hit the ground I turned and landed on my feet. I heard him yell for me when I jumped, then he landed a few steps in front of me. His clothing had changed. From his solid black from head to toe, he was wearing khaki pants with a red button up the front sweater with a white shirt under it and carrying a brief case.
Just about every man was wearing the same outfit. I called to him. He turned, I was surprised at how much he had aged. I aged as well.
He grabbed my hand and we walked toward the street. There were very few trees to be seen. The view was of buildings and very little else.
We entered a building where he was supposed to work at. I was walking down a hallway. Erik set his briefcase down and pretended to get sick.
As I was walking out a door I grabbed a piece of paper off of a table with a picture of the figure I saw in my kitchen, with the word Dryad over it.
That’s when I realized it was a Dryad that came to us for help. Erik came out behind me. There was a dying cluster of Daisies sitting in a worn flower pot.
He raised his hand over the pot, a shimmer of white gold light flowed from his hand and onto the flowers. The once drooping plants rose up looking vibrant and alive.
I looked at a field that appeared next to the building. There were clusters of trees and shrubs that were glowing. Their glow was weak.
I took Erik’s hand and pulled him next to me. At the back of the field I saw a large tree with what looked to be a door.
As we walked to the door I asked him why he came after me. He looked at me, smiled and said “I have been trying to get you alone for years, but something always comes up or someone is always around us. This is the perfect time to be alone with you.”
He took my hand and began to run so fast I was merely flying behind him. My feet weren’t touching the ground at all.
We approached the tree, I stood next to him and we saw a huge slice of chocolate cake with pink and yellow cake layers.
The cake was covered with chocolate frosting. It looked as if the cake was being made as we stood there it seemed to get bigger.
  • This was a dream I had. Yes a lot of my dreams are this detailed, it's great! I woke up after we reached the cake. I intend to turn this into a story. :)

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