Sunday, November 15, 2015

Characters for novels are everywhere!

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I have a dream and that is to be able to sit at some small sidewalk cafĂ© with my writing  notebook opened in front of me with a cup of coffee or hot tea. I could very easily sit for hours and enjoy myself watching people walking by or sitting around gossiping with their friends over steaming cups. I've come up with quite a few characters while sitting in the mall on a bench people watching, or even working in retail, I come across a lot.

Here's a few...
1.) I was doing markdowns in the ladies lingerie department when a heavyset black woman came up to me.  I guessed that she was at least a size 3x and in her hand she held a size medium daywear set, there was a M size nub on the hanger. It was a nightie with thong panties. She said "Hey you, will this fit me?" I inquired as to what her size was and she said 3x. I told her that was a medium so no it wouldn't and then I showed her where the 3x's were. She scoffed at me and gave me a dirty look then proceeded to take the set into the fitting room, tried it on and left it on the floor. The top was ripped and the thong strap was broken. I guess she didn't believe me when I told her it wouldn't fit.
2.) Years ago I wrote a story based on the television show Babylon5. In it I had a mad  professor and his bimbo wife, who was based after my now ex- brother in law and my sister was the wife. She wanted to be the wife btw as long as I didn't kill her off. He told me that I could kill him off so I did (many times at that). He was beaten to a pulp and shipped out into outer space without a space suit on. Yeah he ticked me off when he kicked my dog in front of his friends and proceeded to laugh it off as if it was no big deal... so I killed his character off.
Where do you find the inspiration for the characters in your novels?

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