Monday, November 16, 2015

Bubblews.. shame on you..

Bubblews has officially closed it's doors, without giving any kind of warning to it's writer's. Good job Bubbs... NOT! I had a sneaky feeling that the site was closing when the "powers that be" stopped all communication with it's writer's.
The writer's who had chosen to stay loyal to them and support them despite all of the damage that the site has done to other writer's. About a year ago the site chose not to pay them the money that was due to them.
I have always been a loyal follower of the site, but no more. I lost over $35 on the site when it shut down unexpectedly as well as posts that I didn't get to saving. Those posts will be put on here once I clean them up.
All of those nice and positive things I've said about the site have come to pass as being untrue. That's my problem right there.. I try to see the good in everyone with rose coloured glasses on. Not anymore.

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