Saturday, November 21, 2015

Abraham Lincoln’s ghost sighting’s

There are many ghost sighting stories of Abraham Lincoln wandering around the wed. He and his wife were not strangers to the paranormal world and the other side of the veil as they held numerous séances in the White House and were frequent visitors to séances held at friend’s homes.
It is said that President Lincoln dreamed of his own death one night as he lay sleeping in the White House. After that dream President Lincoln was shot in the back of the head and killed while at the theatre with his wife and friends.
I found this on a website "Many are familiar with a tale told about a séance held by Nettie Maynard in 1863 where a grand piano levitated. The medium was playing the instrument when it began to rise off the floor. Lincoln and Colonel Simon Kase were both present and it is said that both men climbed onto the piano, only to have it jump and shake so hard that they climbed down. It is recorded that Lincoln would later refer to the levitation as proof of an "invisible power."
From what I researched, some believe his ghost sighting comes around when something bad happens or if something bad is going to happen. After his death his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln took refuge in spiritualism and attempted to contact her husband through various psychics and séances. It’s said that she even took on an assumed name so that folks wouldn’t know that it was her. She went to a photographer who took her picture and standing behind her was the spirit of her husband.
Many have claimed to see the Lincoln ghost through out the years in the White House. There is a long list of people both visitors to the White House and Presidents. Harry Truman, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge’s wife, Franklin D and Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Wilhelmina, Winston Churchill, Maureen Reagan and her husband, Lyndon B. Johnson. While some have seen ghost sighting’s of him, Ulysses S. Grant, Senator Joe McCarthy, John F. Kennedy are said to have felt Lincoln’s presence in the room with them.
Not only has his ghost sighting been seen at the White House, but it has also been seen at the Ford theatre with the ghost of the man who had shot him, John Wilkes Booth, on that fateful night. There has also been a ghost sighting or two of President Lincoln at the cemetery where he is buried.
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