Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse Musings : Location

Well it seems that my Zombie Apocalypse novel planning has hit a rut... I was planning to have my crew turn the White House into a safe haven, but I'm not sure how I would go about securing it during an apocalypse. I'm sure once my crew cleaned the place out they could get the house secured, but they would need to put up walls around the location to secure the grounds and that is where I'm stuck!

This is about how much space I think my folks would need. Space for gardens and possibly a make shift barn or two for any animals they come across. The whole area of the house is surrounded by a wrought iron fence so I'm not sure if the place would automatically be secured. Mind you there would be enough room for all of my folks to live comfortably and have their own privacy.
I was looking online for the best places to survive a zombie apocalypse and these are the best states in the USA.. Texas, Georgia, California, North Carolina and Virginia. The things that these places have in common are.. the most number of Wal-Marts in their state, as well as military bases, hospitals, gun stores.
The Walking Dead crew are in Georgia so I think my crew will be in another state. North Carolina perhaps as there isn't a lot of snow there during the winter months. I was thinking of California, grabbing a mansion and setting them up there. lol My crew will be set for life when it comes to clothes, they can shop on Rodeo drive in Hollywood.

I love the area of Caramel California, the houses are beautiful and whimsical. I thought of having them set up there, section off a couple streets or part of the city. It's still in the works here.

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