Thursday, October 08, 2015

Writing site musings

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I have found myself frequenting various writing sites and posting a post here and there. I try to not spend a lot of time on one site to be honest. Bubblews is really the only site I really post on. I have more trust in this site than the others.

* Post Any Article is long gone. That site was always fishy to me..especially when the sites owner was having issues with adsense and was using other writers adsense accounts because they weren't using them.

* It looks like Daily 2 Cents is no longer a pay per view site. You have to supply your own adsense. The writers there will receive their final payments in November, but as of October 1st you have to use your own adsense. They have discovered that they aren't able to afford doing the pay per view system. The fact that they are really interactive with their writers is great.

*Persona Paper is a slow site as well. I will pop in there a few times a month to check it out and make posts, but the activity is very slow. There doesn't seem to be allot of active writers there. That site has promise if they could just get more folks writing there.

I have accounts at a few other writing sites, but am in lurking mode there to see how things work out.

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