Friday, October 09, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 Musings

So far I have 4 different idea's jotted down for this November.
1. Zombie Apocalypse aka a The Walking Dead fan fiction
2. A witchy novel set in another dimension.
3. A Robin Hood fan fiction with Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne of course.
4. Finishing up a romance novel that I started over the summer.
In the novels 1&3 I have a few characters of my own to add to the storyline, but intend to stick close to the original story lines... maybe.
I watched The Walking Dead seasons 1-4 last night before bed. Usually when I watch something on Netflix I tend to have dreams about the show.

 So last night's dream was of a new sanctuary called "The New America". I saw a sign and everything. This location was in Washington, D.C. and was being run by a former child assassin named Raven.
She knew about the virus that was being released into the air by scientists from ? country. Immediately after the virus came out she and her... men swept into D.C and built brick walls around the entire state. She is a very patriotic person and though she is battling her own demons from her past, she is trying to create the perfect sanctuary and is succeeding very well.
Her men travel through the state and do a purge of the buildings around the White House. They clean out apartment buildings and make them liveable and them begin moving folks in.
She has top scientists living there who are trying to find a cure for the virus.
Here's where I need help...
~ Once she has everything set up, she will need a currency and will need to for jobs and businesses. I want to continue to use the American $$, but how would I go about getting enough for everyone as well as controlling it?
~ As a child she had never been to the zoo, so she's developed a fondness for animals and found that the zoo animals are unhurt. The walkers there are destroyed. How would I go about caring for the animals?
~ No one knows of her past until someone from that past shows up... that someone is her father who was a former Senator who was partially responsible for the virus being released. What would be the best way to deal with that situation?
~ The historical documents and items, ex: Liberty Bell, are going to be moved to the White House that will be turned into a huge museum dedicated to preserving the nations history. What would she need to do to ensure the relics safety?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. All will be greatly appreciated!

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