Friday, October 02, 2015

Costume Safety for Pets!

Some pets just don't enjoy wearing costumes. When you put them on your given the evil eye. Granted they look absolutely adorable, but in their eyes, your simply torturing them. Mind you there are some pets who love to wear the costumes and love to be pampered. Unfortunately my pup is not one of them. :(
My Teddy won't wear them at all. Every time I put a collar on him he took it off. I stopped putting the collar on him after he lost his 3rd one. I tried putting a collar on him with bells for Christmas and he shredded it.
My Spooky {RIP} loved wearing costumes.. or so I think. This is a pic of him wearing his pumpkin costume. He also had a black pleather biker jacket. His costumes came from the Build a Bear store. lol I kid you not, they really did! I would go in there just to buy him costumes! Really I did!!

~ One thing you should do is NEVER force our pet into a costume. Not only will you be a mean mommy or daddy, but you'll stress them out as well as yourself when you try to put it on them.
~ If you only want to snap a few photos for your social network, then put the costume on them and quickly take the photo's. Once the photo's are done then remove the costume before your fur baby gets too upset.
~ If your planning to take your pets trick or treating with you then please, please make sure you have a reflective collar on them or reflective tape. If seeing kiddies in costumes spooks them then it would be better not to take them out with you.
My pup gets anxious when costumed kiddies come to the door. Last year we didn't hand out candy at all. The porch light was off and he had a peaceful night with no monsters coming to the door.
~ No reflective tape? Then hand a glo-stick or two to his leash. Always make sure your pet is clearly visible to others if you decide to take them out.

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