Sunday, October 18, 2015

Apocalypse novel research and Prepping

So I found this amazing group on Facebook that is about prepping for future disasters. This group is mostly geared for Christians and a lot of the posts are geared toward them. Those I am ignoring and reading the Prepping posts like they're food cravings. Some of these prepping posts are absolutely amazing and I will be linking them here for other's to read up on.
Mind you the "future disaster" I'm preparing for is a novel, but I'm finding this group extremely helpful in the research aspects and am taking notes like crazy! I will admit that I'm having a hard time not starting my novel now, because I have the characters and plot all written out in my head, I just need to start the novel! I'm trying to keep my self preoccupied and not thinking about the writing of the novel yet.

I have a journal that I didn't know what to do with so I'm filling it with Prepping tips and lists. When my taxes come I'll have a printer and there will be photo's inside. This might be crazy, but should a disaster happen in the future then I know this journal of research of mine will come in handy. I'm not stock piling up on food though... I'm wondering if I should though with the way things are turning out.
These  are the pages I have found thus far.. they are filled with tons of prepping tips and DiY's that one can using during any future disaster.

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