Friday, September 11, 2015


Not only are there regular Twinkies, which I love, out now but there are also chocolate ones as well.
To add to that there are some with raspberry filling and another with blueberry filling.
Oh hold on I can't forget my favourite banana filling and there are banana Twinkies as well.
My mom went out and bought the blueberry filling ones and said that they were good.
Her tongue was also turned blue which she got a kick out of.. it's the small things that amuse her. lol

Twinkies were first created in 1930 by a man who worked for the Hostess company.
His name was Jimmy Dewar and the Twinkies were sold for a nickel at the time.
Everyone loved them and they became the companies best selling item.
There are over half a billion made a year.. yeah time to invest in Twinkies I think!

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