Friday, September 11, 2015

The downside to loom bands

My niece made me a loom band bracelet a few weeks ago, it was a nice one, with a lot of glow in the dark colours. Most unfortunately the bands really don't last long and will begin to break apart or to crumble as I have seen them do.
Like most rubber bands do they break when they get old and worn out. The same happens with the loom bands only the bracelet I have had for a few weeks literally broke apart and I wasn't wearing it at all. I wore it one day and hung it on an open paperclip on the Christmas lights that I have on my desk.
I went to pick it up and found that the bands were literally breaking. I think these are great in the beginning, but they sure won't last for very long. I most definitely won't be buying any more of these in the future and will slowly be tossing these bands out little by little.

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