Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paranormal Shows

I enjoy sitting on the loveseat with my fur balls as the paranormal shows are on the television. Most of the time I only watch the ones on the Travel Channel on Friday night. Here’s my run down on some the shows I watch and or used to watch …
 Ghost Adventures : This is always a funny show to watch. I love how every little thing tends to freak the guys out and you hear in every episode “Dude, did you hear that?” and also Zak Bagans is easily “possessed”. I am almost always laughing when they pull out the props and random costumes. It's totally hard to even take them seriously. lol
 The Dead Files : I find this to be an interesting show. I have only watched a few episodes so I’m not really sure as to what to take it as of just yet. Some of the photos that Amy, the psychic medium has the sketch artist draw are positively scary at times. My only issue with this show is this.. Amy gives the clients advice as to what they need to do to clear the building of spirits.. She will tell them to contact a psychic medium to do a clearing.. Umm HELLO you are supposed to be a psychic medium so do it yourself.. You’re there to help the clients not shuffle them off on a someone else.
Ghost Hunters International : OK so this is a spin off of Ghost Hunters, but I do like this show! What I like is that they seem to take investigating more seriously and they leave the games and joking around out. I love watching this and learning about the history of these places that they go to. Just about every place these guys go to are on my bucket list of places to go to.

Celebrity Ghost Stories : I do enjoy watching this show on the BIO channel mostly because it has celebrities talking about ghostly events that have happened to them. Now I’m not sure if these events are actually true or not, but if they are then these are some great ghost stories! The celeb’s that I’ve seen so far are.. Joan Rivers , Scott Baio , Carrie Fisher, Sammy Hagar.
Psychic Kids : Well known Psychics help young fledgling psychic kids learn to hone their skills and to not be scared of them. Chip Coffey has been on there as well as Chris Flemming . The children and their psychic teacher do investigations and stay at a haunted Inn or B&B.
Ghost Hunters : If I’m really bored then I will put this show on Thursday night, but that is very rarely. This show literally does nothing for me anymore ever since Grant Wilson left the show. When He comes back then I will go back to watching it again. It has gone down hill quite a bit. I used to be one of those people who watch it religiously on Thursday night as well, but no more. They play games and screw around at investigations.. Sorry but you were asked to come investigate a haunting, not play jokes on each other and dress up in props etc.. it's very disrespectful in my opinion!
I especially love the shows around Halloween now that’s when the mother load of shows come on. I wanted to try to get some people together to go on Scariest Places On Earth alas I couldn’t find anyone brave enough to join me on that crazy expedition. 

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