Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not all who wander are lost

I'm sure you've heard this phrase before. I have had many people try to convert me to their religion so many times I lost count after 10. Each time I'm being told that I'm lost.. I've lost my way.. Or that I'm merely wandering down a dark path of nothingness. I'm not lost I don't understand why someone would try to squash another's religious beliefs just because you don't agree with them. Not all who wander are lost. Back when I was a born again I was lost. I was wandering on the path in the dark with absolutely no light any where. I was lost. I saw the most beautiful light and felt the most wonderful love I had ever felt and I felt with my heart the words of the goddess.. "Your not alone. Your not lost any more." After that I have never visited the lost because I have been enjoying being found.

Who was I found by.. by the Goddess of course! The Goddess is a female deity. The muggles or non magickal folk call her Mother Nature, whilst the witches of the world call her Goddess. She has many names depending on the culture. Some are the deity of love, motherhood, home, and the earth. Other's are of death, war and healing. The Goddess is everywhere. She is the air you breathe, the sun, she is in the #moon and the water. She is in the earth you live on so take care of her as she takes care of you. Next time the wind is blowing through the trees listen and you will hear her speaking to you.

I found her once again through a lot of prayer. How do you pray? Does prayer play a part in your path? Do you draw distinctions between rituals, prayers, devotions, etc?
When I pray I pray directly to the Gods about just about anything and everything I can possibly think of. I don't do it everyday like I know I should, but I do keep Her in my thoughts daily. My prayer is me speaking from my heart, saying what is on my mind, whether it is venting about situations I'm dealing with at that time or expressing joy about something good that's happened to me. Along with expressing that I hope something will come to pass that I want to, and sometimes the opposite happens, and sometimes prayer is just simply for me to express my thanks and appreciation for them always being there for me and following me in my path.. their path. Prayer helps me to express devotion to my Gods. I have used prayers that I've written or used ones that I've found in books or on various websites. I have also re vamped a few of those prayers to make them more personal for myself and my needs at the time.

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