Thursday, September 24, 2015

My little quirks..

I am one who is different, I try to not do what every one else is doing just to blend in and stuff like that. My theory is that if we were all the same life would be boring and not worth living. My nieces were told last year in school that they were weird, yep their friends told them that. They both go to two separate school and they both said "Well thank you, I take after my Lala!"

I am the one they call Lala, when the eldest was a baby she couldn't say Lisa and when she did it came out as Lala. Then the youngest came along and the name pretty much stuck with me and at times I don't respond to Lisa when they talk to me. Alas when they call me by Lala it grabs my attention, a few of their friends call me Lala as well. No biggie. I told them it's ok to be different, to be unique it's what makes us all special, it makes us our own person.

Here's a few of my quirks..

~ I always eat with a bowl, no matter what the meal is, except for holiday's of course, I eat with a bowl.. no plates for me.
~ I drink my coffee with a straw at times. I have a glass Mason jar on my desk filled with brightly colored straws ready for my coffee.
~ The only colors in my wardrobe are black and khaki. I do have a few old shirts that I sleep in that are brighter colors.
~ When I get really tired I rub my fingers together on my right hand. Sometimes I do this without realizing it.
~ I only watch movies that have a witchy or fantasy theme to them. From Lord of the Rings to Practical Magic. 

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