Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My crazy dream life..

I was in a paranormal chat and a few of us in the room were talking about our dreams. I have some pretty crazy ones and a lot of them have some sort of meaning behind them, I need to find out what though. I have a few vivid dreams that stick with me and a lot of them are magick themed or supernatural/paranormal. I'm going to share a bit of the dreams that I have shared with the group..

A few of my dreams...
~ I woke up to find myself in a building that had been bombed, this building was a school at one time and there were still children there only it was their home.. people were hiding out in the building hiding from things unseen.

~ I've also had dreams of bad things happening.. think of Stephen King's "The Stand"..
vampires zombies and virus' killing off half the worlds population.
~ I did have an alien abduction dream only to have a de'javu a few days later.. the abduction never physically happened to me that I know of, but the scene in the dream was real at the time.
Dream: Aliens took my brother and two of our friends. I was about 10 and he was 8.
We stood under a tree and we were beamed up, there were two of us standing together in each beam. Real de'javu scene was the exactsame.. the moonlight coming between the branches, etc.. the mood. Felt like I was waiting to be taken up into a space ship. I kept telling my brother to look for the spaceship and he told me I was weird and that those aren't real. He went in and told the family and my older step siblings teased me for months.

~ I'm pretty good at controlling my dreams except for the ones where my fears turn against me.. as in sharks, alligators, snakes and they are always trying to get me or my family.
Those are also the only ones that I had a hard time waking myself up from.. I've dealt with over 7ft walking skeletons, but gators, sharks and snakes I have no control of.

~ I'm pretty good at calling folks into my dreams as well.. I've screamed for HELP! and Wolverine and Xena have come.. Ares the Greek God of War has come as well..

~ Wolverine and Cyclops beat up some bad guys who were robbing my house, they held my mom and I at knife pointin my kitchen. I kicked he basement door and yelled "Some help here.. please!" Wolverine and Cyclops came upstairs and my mom vanished. They destroyed my house, I was standing in the livingroom looking out of a huge hole in the front in my night gown while waving awkwardly to the neighbors across the street. The two came up behind me a few minutes later and then Wolverine asked me to fix them breakfast they were starving.

~ My absolute weirdest has to be when I was walking into a convenient store and a guy filled my chest with a round of bullets.. I stood there staring at him, he freaked out and turned himself in to the police. Of course I let out a stream of swear words because he ruined my new leatherjacket.. only the jacket was damaged nothing else.

~ I worry about my nieces and the pets so in my dreams they seem to be the ones I'm protecting all the time in my dreams.

~ I fly every night and seem to be invisible and go into random houses to see what people are doing.. I have dreams where I'm not myself, but someone else and I have never walked in on people having sex they are usually eating dinner or watching television. lol

~ I had a dream where a robot servant, called Humbots, killed the families they "lived" with,
I was living there and had amnesia, I had been in a coma for 50+ years and woke up un-aged only I was different. I was in my "aunts" house, but she along with my whole family had died like 50 years ago or something. The Humbot killed everyone but the two children who lived in the house. I grabbed them both and flew away as they held onto their pets, the boy had a puppy and the girl held a kitten. The Humbot I was flying away from was in the form of a woman, dressed and blonde hair. She looked like Mrs. Doubtfire.. innocent looking on the outside.. each house had one and each one killed the family it "lived" with. 

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