Thursday, September 03, 2015

Music soothes the soul

Everyone has that song that they can turn to when they need something to calm them down during those rough time's.
I have a whole list of songs that I turn to when I need to escape from this world for a while.
I'll put my headphones on and simply lay on my bed, eyes closed and listen and relax.
When I'm really stressed I will listen to Naturescapes or instrumental meditation music.
I listen to the local radio station that plays a lot of 80's music when I'm writing because it gets me going.
All of the music on my MP3 player is beneficial to me if I'm writing for the NaNoWriMo.
Love songs are played for those romance novels and I have metal for the other novels.

My favourite songs that I listen to all the time are..
Muse : Madness
Katy Perry : Dark Horse
Motley Crue : Saints of Los Angeles
Coldplay : Fix you
Carrie Underwood : Blown away, Just a dream, Before he cheats
Adele : Rolling in the deep, Rumour has it, Set fire to the rain
Jessica Simpson : Sweetest sin, When you told me you loved me
These are to name a few of them that I listen to on a daily basis.

When I'm writing fantasy novels then my soundtracks are
Lord of the Rings soundtrack
The Hobbit soundtrack
Harry Potter soundtrack
Xena : Warrior Princess soundtrack

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