Monday, September 28, 2015

Dealing with the loss of faith

Many years ago I questioned my path. That was only because someone literally shoved that question in my head on a daily basis for three weeks straight. My cousin, who at the time was my best friend had guided me onto the path I am on now, became a born again hardcore Pentecostal.
She and her husband both converted and it became her "job" to convert me to her religion. It was quite a long and bumpy ride for me, luckily they never tried to perform an exorcism on me when refused to join their "cult". Fortunately for me I never strayed too far from my path, those I loved and adored and worshipped from afar were patient with me and were there as I battled my way through the confusion they attempted to shove in my head.
My cousin and I never speak now, when we do she tries to convert me again. I thank her for caring about my well being, but I am truly happy where I am. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I was desperately trying to hold onto a friendship that I wasn't meant to hold on to. I believe she was in my life to guide me to my path and to show me the way, but her path took her off into the opposite direction which happens.
I miss her dearly, but I'm happy knowing that she is happy and that she still cares about me. Hopefully some day when we meet again we can catch up on life and family as we used to do.

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