Saturday, September 12, 2015


The store I work in has an entrance that leads into the mall and we tend to get quite a few birds that come zipping around the store. They also come in through the receiving dock doors and stuff like that. They usually don't stay very long to be honest and are usually flying around in groups of three or four. It's fun to watch them swoop around after each other playing chase in the air.

About an hour before I was to leave this big guy came in with his wife and their son who was about 1 years old. They were shopping for some clothes for the little guy, the big guy was strutting around looking for clothes. Mind you his son is in toddler sized clothes, where his wifey was looking. The big guy was in the Team active area where the sizes are size 8 to 20, yep clothes for the big boys.
His wife reminded him of the size and the big guy held up a Yankees shirt and said "Dude look Yankees! He'll grow into this!!" I watched his wife roll her eyes and say no very loud and clear, he continued to look there.
The baby was looking up and the father looked up as well, suddenly he grabbed that Yankees shirt and began swinging it around over his head. "There's birds in here, I don't want no poop in my hair!" Psssttt.. this guy was bald.. yeahhhhh no hair what so ever on his big head.
The wife told him to stop because he looked like a fool, so while the big guy is swinging this shirt around looking like an idiot, the little guy is laughing hysterically and the wife walks away from him embarrassed.
The birds were not hurt during this event they sat on a sign a few feet away chirping and watching the shirt swinging bald man yelling abut no poop in his hair.. then they started a new game of chase.

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