Friday, August 07, 2015

Tower of Flowers

Here's a little inspiration for Spring. When it warms up, this could be a fun project.
I could not find instructions so I compiled a few comments made by people who did this project.
One lady says: Fill pipe to the top with potting soil. Then make room for the root of the plant, by using your fingers or a tablespoon, then inset plant. You can also put rocks at the bottom so it stays firm on the ground.
Then another lady says: A word of advice... put in plants as you fill with dirt. I filled full of dirt first and it was hard to get plants in solid and tight.
You will have to decide what you think is best for you. If someone have made these before, please tell us how you made it... OR if anybody has ideas, please comment. It is so pretty. I want to make some for my deck
Would also be great for strawberries or an herb garden on a patio or balcony; or along a driveway or sidewalk.
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