Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Last nights dream was awesome too bad I had to wake up!

I had the most wonderful dream this morning it was a shame that I had to wake up and leave it. I dreamed that I found a notebook that had a royal blue cover with the word "Wishes" on it in a beautiful silver script. There was a feathered pen attached to it with a silver string.

The pages were lined so I took the pen and wrote out 3 wishes. Then I repeated them out loud and right before my eyes they came to fruition. I wished for a few random things just to test it out and I found the things laying on the table in front of me. Then I found myself sitting down and writing out more wishes in this book.

I wished for animals to be safe from harm and for world peace as well as health for our planet. The planet was healthy and "pain" free, there were no problems with it at all. People, both black and white, got along and we all began to help each other and to support each other. Violence was all but gone and there was only peace and tranquillity.

Cars were flying in the air and also driving themselves while their passengers did whatever they wanted as the car was driving. It was an amazing dream! 

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