Thursday, August 06, 2015

Home decluttering

I am in the process of de-cluttering my bedroom with is a mess with piles of books and clothes everywhere. I am honestly not sure where everything came from so finding someplace for it has been a bit annoying. I have sent a good portion of my nieces things back home with them, but a good chunk of it remains behind. lol

Before I started on my bedroom I started out downstairs with the pile of my mum's mail on the hall table. I sorted through everything and immediately tossed the junk mail into the recycle bin under the table. For some reason I have been getting magazines in the mail and they are none that I have subscribed to.

I have a box under my dresser for old statements and pay stubs. Those get shredded and I save them for the summer when I use them as fire starter. Even though they're shredded I am a bit paranoid about them being used by scammers. All they need is some patience and tape and they can put those strips back together and get my info.

I have a trash bag for Goodwill with someold clothes that no longer fit me or I don't want to keep. I usually wash those before taking them and dumping them in the box behind the store. I try to donate a lot of my stuff and have only bought back two candle holders after I had donated them. I forgot that I donated them and rebought them without thinking first, lol I only paid $2 for them both.

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