Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Eye makeup tips

I was looking around in magazines and online for some new make up tips as the technique that I have been using is one I was using as a teenager.
This year I am trying to make some changes and applying my eyeliner and shadow really should be changed.
~ When applying mascara, only apply it to the top lashes. This will give you a cleaner look. I have always applied it to the top and bottom lashes and was amazed as to how nice my eyes looked by doing this!
~ Normally I don't use the creamy eye shadow, but I read that if you apply it to your lids then you will have a fresh out of the shower look. I usually wear the darker colors and have found that I am liking the neutral shades more than I do the dark ones.
~ Apply a luminizer under your concealer to make your eyes look more vibrant. I haven't done this as of yet, but I am planning to do it. Hopefully this will also help to get rid of the circles under my eyes.
~ This one I have come to love. Using a green eyeliner pencil will brighten your eyes and it will counteract the redness in your eyes. I have always used black eyeliner which as it turns out makes the eyes look smaller than they really are. 


  1. I am liking the neutral shades more than I do the dark ones.

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  2. This is Very effective shade