Monday, July 13, 2015

Dreamscape : A Scottish Romance

The sun was shining overhead as Michael McLeod sat at the table outside the small café in the heart of New York, there was an art pad lying on the table in front of him with the face of a woman he had seen in his dreams every night. He sipped his coffee and ate the bagel that sat next to his paper and stared intently into her eyes as he did every night in his dreams.
Her long brown hair hung around her shoulders and framed her heart shaped face with a set of the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. His dreams varied at times.. one minute they would be making love and the next they are both surrounded by fire and she would be left standing alone in the middle of the cold, dark room. That was how his dreams were just about every night and they drove him insane.. no matter how hard he tried to change the way the dreams ended it always ended the same way.. they were separated by fire.

Michael looked up when the waitress brought him a fresh cup of coffee, "Oh she's beautiful. Do you know her?"
He smiled and took a sip then spoke in his thick Scottish accent, " Only in my dreams."
He was about to go pay the bill when the chair across from him was pulled out and his friend Gerry sat down and flagged down the waitress.  "Mike man, glad I found you. Your package was delivered today so I figured I'd bring it to you."
Michael took it and smirked. "You could have left it at the apartment, you do have a key don't you?"
"Well.. yeah, but I couldn't wait to see what video you ordered this time.. hopefully it's something good and not one of those paranormal shows that your so fond of ordering. I think I created a monster when I bought you that video of haunted places in America last year." Gerry took a bite of the bagel that the waitress brought to him and nodded toward the package, "well open it already!"

Michael ripped the top off and pulled out the video he had ordered the week before and smiled. "Hauntings in Scottish Castles. Looks like I'll be leaving to go watch it."
"You know Mike your impossible.. sure your from Scotland somewhere, but still.. has your therapist tried to hypnotize you yet to find out where you came from, having amnesia must suck at times... at least you know your name."
"Yeah it does suck, but I guess I'm getting used to not fully knowing who I am.. not sure if I want to know, my life before the amnesia could have been worse that it is now." Michael handed the waitress the money to cover both bills and stood up, "I'm going home, see you later and stay out of trouble."

As he walked back to his apartment, with the video tucked under his arm, he thought about what very little he knew of his past. All he knew was that he was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean a few feet off the shore of Fort Tilden. He was pulled to shore by none other than Gerry who was out walking on the beach after the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The two men became fast friends and Gerry stood by him during all of the trial and tribulations of trying to build a "life" for himself all over again. The two started doing construction work during the summer months and security work in clubs during the winter. Both jobs paid well so he was never really without money.
Michael turned in an alley to take a shortcut to the apartment. He started humming and then stopped when the sound of a woman crying could be heard. He began to walk faster until he saw the lone figure of a woman standing against the wall, her face buried in her hands. As he neared he realized something that sent a chill through his body.. she was completely see through.. she was a spirit. He cleared his throat quietly and took a step toward her. "Lass are you ok?"
The woman was suddenly silent and turned toward him. It was the woman from his dreams.. the one he had drawn. She began to sob and scream at him, "Why did you leave me, Michael, you promised me forever!"

He froze when he heard her say his name then vanish right before his very eyes. He ran the rest of the way to his apartment and slammed the door shut and locked the door firmly behind him. He sat on the couch and rubbed his hands over his face, repeating over and over that he wasn't going crazy, he wasn't insane.  A knock on the door brought him out of his thought's. He opened to find Gerry standing there with a bottle of Scotch in his hand. "Let's watch the video!"
Michael told Gerry about the woman and the fact that she mentioned his name. "I watch too many of these damn video's, they're affecting my mind or I'm going in bloody sane here."
The two friends sat down to watch the video. Michael was hoping that by watching these video's he would see something familiar to help him remember who he was. So far he hasn't had much luck with that and was close to giving up all together.
After the third story they paused the video and went into the kitchen for something to eat. The remote control was on the counter in front of Gerry when they heard the sound of the video playing without either man touching the remote. In the living room Michael froze the glass plate fell from his hand and shattered on the ground. There on the screen was the woman from the alley.. the same one from his dreams. He looked at Gerry who stared at the television, his knuckles closed in tight fists.

The year was 1279. Her name was Esame Douglas the only daughter to Laird Angus Douglas in Aberdeen, Scotland. She was engaged to Laird Michael McLeod, but was left at the alter when the Laird mysteriously vanished in a ring of fire at the hands of a Druid by the name of Anestrus. That same day, her father was killed in a fight with a rogue outlaw Seamus Kyle, who claimed to be the only man who is going to marry the Lady Esame. After her husband's death, Esame's mother was killed so that she couldn't interfere in Kyle's plan to rule the deceased Lairds land and gain his riches for himself.
Esame's life went from being a fairytale to a nightmare literally overnight. It was rumored that she was beaten and raped numerous times as well as locked in a room and left to go literally insane after her husband took control of her lands and riches. Kyle found a mistress who shared his love of beating other's into submission and those who worked for the former family were beaten and maimed if they tried to aid the Lady Esame.

"Pack now," demanded Gerry, "I'll meet you here in 5 minutes, we're going to Scotland... tonight." Michael wrote down as much information as he could remember and then ran into his bedroom and loaded a suitcase full of randomly thrown in clothing. He handed Gerry the video who dumped it into his backpack along with their passports.
The castle is now being used as a hotel, he looked up the number on his phone as they were on the plane waiting to take off. "Making reservations.."
"No don't, lets do it when we get there, I'm sure there will be room for us." Gerry was being a bit more secretive than usual, but Michael let it go.

Aberdeen Scotland ~ 10 hours later
When the cab pulled up in front of the castle, memories began flooding into his mind like a tidal wave. Gerry went inside as Michael stood outside glancing around. He and Esame used to go for walks that would last for hours long after the sun went down. He walked into the hotel and came face to face with a portrait of himself standing next to Lady Esame. They were both smiling and very clearly in love. Her eyes shone with the brightest light he had ever seen in another person's eyes.
"Michael, let's go outside.. we need to talk about a few things." Gerry walked outside and they moved toward the lake. Michael walked to a tree and found the spot where he had carved his initials along with Esame's. "I remember her.. I remember this place and being here before. I'm not sure why and this is going to sound crazy, but I'm not from this time am I?"
"No your not.. and nor am I for that matter," Gerry's American accent changed to match his friends, a thick Scottish accent " my name isn't Gerry, it's Callum Maxwell."
"You knew who I was all along and you never told me.. why?" demanded Michael angrily.
"You needed to learn that for yourself, all I was able to do was to help guide you to discover that. Had I told you, you wouldn't have believed a word I said, would you?" Callum smirked and picked up a stone then tossed it into the water.
After thinking about that comment for a few minutes and scowled. He knew his friend was right and it annoyed him even more to have to admit it. "No your right.. I probably wouldn't have believed you.. I need to get back to her.. how do I do that is the question."

"Perhaps I can help you with that Laird Michael McLeod, I have been waiting for you both to come. It's about time might I add," A man dressed in a long gray robe walked out of the trees and stopped before them. His face was half covered by a grey beard that matched his long grey hair, "My name is Belfour and I am going to help you get home to your love."
Michael mused quietly as to how much this Belfour  man looked like the Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, down to the headmaster's twinkling eyes and matching mane.
Belfour smiled and began to laugh rather loudly. "I take that as a compliment Laird Michael. He is my favorite wizard in the movies."
Out of the woods came 3 men dressed in the robes of Druid elders. "Laird Michael, we have come to help you get back to your time so that you and Lady Esame may live the lives you were meant to live. Follow us please."

The three men from the past followed the Druids to a stone circle set deep in the forest, surrounding the circle were Druids of young and old. Belfour guided the two men into the circle and stood before them. "Hands together please. Laird Michael you must think back to your wedding day, the day before the wedding would be suffice."
The three men held hands and Michael concentrated on the day before the wedding. He was McLeod Castle about 10 minutes away from Castle Douglas. With his eyes closed he visualized the Great Hall with it's long tables and banners hung around the castle walls. Chanting could be heard and the three men felt their bodies begin to tingle from the magick swirling around them. Within moments the three opened their eyes to find themselves in the great hall of the McLeod Castle. Michael ran outside and went straight to the stables, he grabbed his horse and rode with Callum and Belfour on his heels.

Esame glanced out the window when she heard one of her father's guards yell that Laird Michael was coming with company. She ran down to greet him and was enveloped in his arms the minute he got down from his horse. "I am never going to leave you.. ever I promise."
Callum and Belfour walked into the castle behind him and the three of them spoke to the Laird Angus as well as his wife about the past and what will happen. Laird Angus looked at his future son in law with a raised eyebrow. When he saw Belfour he sighed when the Elder Druid shook his head confirming the story. "Then the wedding will take place right now... Belfour will you officiate the wedding at this very moment?"
"I would be delighted."  The vows were exchanged in a quick ceremony, the groom kissed the blushing bride and then he went hunting for Seamus Kyle and the Druid Anestrus.


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