Friday, July 03, 2015

Bubblews looks wonderful!

I think the Bubblews site looks fantastic with the changes and new looks that it has gone through. Not only does the site have a whole new look, but our views are back and we are able to share posts that our connections wrote. 

They just recently added a suggested topics box to the new write a post pages. This way if you have writers block then you will have some help for a topic right there. It's wonderful! I've already used it. lol

I see a lot of potential for this site. The staff who run it do an amazing job doing so and do a great job keeping in touch with us. I mean let's face it... they can't post updates to us everyday if there are no updates to post about. Some folks on the site are just whiney if there is something they don't like. Ignore the drama queens and look for those who are positive..they are the ones you want to be friends with there. 

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