Saturday, June 27, 2015

Of movies and playgrounds

Mum and I took the nieces to go see the movie "Home". The girls loved it and I actually found it amusing. Though it really got fun toward the end. I will admit that I was in tears at the end when the sad parts came around, but of course everyone had a happy ending. 

After the movie we went to the park where the girls meet some new friends. This park is one that we will definitely be coming back to in the future. All this park needs is a water park attached to it. There is so much space for the children to run around and play. 

There is a woman sitting in the gazebo with me who must be a sitter. She is not a very nice sitter in my opinion. One of the boys in her care has a boo boo that bleeding and told him he was fine. He has to go potty now and she won't let him go in to the bathroom. This little boy has a disability which is very noticeable. He told the sitter that he was in the bathroom wiping blood off his knee and she's telling at him because now he has to go potty. She's also calling other clients about sitting times, etc. I miss my babysitting days. I made some good money doing it.

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