Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NaWriMo aka Naughty Writer's Month

Tomorrow is the first day of the NaWriMo aka Naughty Writer's Month in July. This was created by me in a Facebook group that I belong to where there are so many wonderful writer's. Some of the stories will be 18+ as there will be adult sexual relations in them. Knowing some of these ladies, there will be ALOT of sex in their stories which is always a good thing, right??

I'm hoping this will get me geared up for the NaNoWriMo this November as last year I wasn't ready and opted out of doing it in the middle because my story was finish before the 50k word count was even close to being reached. I do have my writing bag semi stocked at the moment, just need to refresh a few things.

The beautiful Rose McGowan will be the leading characters in this novel. She will of course
be a witch who fall in love with a vampire. She will either be with Luke Evans' Dracula or  I'm seriously thinking of hooking this character up with Damon as I've never written a VD fan fiction before so this will be my first.

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