Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Children's shows I have no problem watching as an adult

As my nieces grew I was exposed to numerous children's shows. A few I could do without, but then there was a few that I think are spiffy and have absolutely no problem watching them now. Here are but a few of them...

Charlie and Lola is a cartoon based in Britain. Charlie is the older and wiser brother to little Lola. Lola goes on adventures with Charlie and he teaches her little life lessons along the way. Like sharing her toys and not bossing her friends around. In the end of the episode there is usually strawberry milk flowing and all is happy.

The Koala Brothers is a show set in Australia. The brothers are pilots who are always liking for people in their town who need help. There are a lot of life lessons learned on the show as well. From sharing to bullying.  All of the characters in this show are walking on two legs and talking animals.

The Wiggles are set in Australia and were on my television every day. The original ones that is. Jeff, Greg, Murray and Anthony. Both of my nieces loved this show and I was able to get the eldest to a concert when she was a little one of 3 years old. I loved watching them dance around the living room and shoot at Jeff Wiggle to wake up. There were life lessons taught and loads of laughter to be shared. 

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