Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The more you give to other's the more you will get back in return.

I work in a store that is located at the local mall. We have a homeless man who comes and goes at times. He walks through our store from our outside parking lot door to go into the mall. He is a very nice man who seems to carry his world in a duffle bag over his shoulder.
During the day he goes to Barnes and Noble where he falls asleep on one of their couches during the day. He can be there all day sleeping and they are ok with that. No one knows exactly where he lives or if he even has a home somewhere. He has turned down many rides even on the coldest winter days.
I have seen some folks around the mall give him a cup of coffee or even buy him food and hand him a bag filled with burgers, fries and what not. To a hungry man that is the most precious gift he could ever receive.
One year we had a 4th of July cook out, we gave him a heaping plate filled with food. When he took it he had tears in his eyes and couldn't thank the manager enough for giving it to him.
We had a woman who was buying a pair of snow boots for her daughter last year. This woman in front of her in the check out line bought them for the mother and wished her and her family a Merry Christmas. The mother was shocked and left speechless. She thanked the woman profusely for her generosity.
Sometimes those small gestures mean the world to someone who is struggling to keep their heads above water. We may see them as doing nothing special, but to the receiver it's everything.

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