Sunday, May 03, 2015

Spring cleaning resumes on Tuesday

Our neighbours pup Sadie came into our yard yesterday so I went out to see if her Daddy or Mommy was outside with her as she tends to run out of the back yard whenever she can do so. She usually comes into my front yard to see my pup.
My bedroom faces the backyard so I hear them yelling at her all the time to hurry up and go potty so they can get inside. I mentioned that to the pup and her Daddy said she was the stupid one. That annoyed me and I wanted to slap him.
One would think that with the nice weather they would let the girls run around outside while their son played on his toys, but they mostly come out to go potty and then go inside.
On my way into the house yesterday I grabbed some beautiful flowers and tucked them into a vase on my desk. The flowers add a bright feel to the desk and give the whole room a fresh feel.
I went and bought some bulbs as well and planted them in my pot that sits in the window. I have a shepherds hook in the pot that I want to have some small wind chimes on.
I have 4 pairs of them hanging from the ceiling light cover in the center of the bedroom. When the wind bows the chimes go off and it sounds beautiful.
I have spent my days off doing some much needed spring cleaning in my bedroom. I have all of my blankets in a pile and am planning to wash them all at the laundry mat so that I can pack them away until fall or winter. Although I usually only use a top sheet year round, so I don't know... maybe I'll just store them in tubs until I need one.

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