Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fun uses for balloons...

I have a few more uses for balloons to share with you all and here they are.

~ Cut the tail end of a large balloon off, the section that you tie shut. Take an empty oatmeal or coffee can and stretch the balloon over the can. You can use duct tape and seal the balloon around the can. Make sure the balloon is stretched taut as your children will be tapping on the stretched side to make music.

~ Are you moving? No bubble wrap?? Here's an easy tip for you.. take small balloons and blow them up half full. Tie them and stick them in the boxes with breakable things to use as cushions!
 ~ If your having a party and guests don't want to get their glasses mixed up. Take your glasses, especially if they are glass.. Cut the narrow end of a balloon off and take the rest and stretch it up over the bottom of the glass. Leave a permanent marker and your guests can write their names on their balloon covered glass. 

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